Weekend Update

Hey Everyone!

This weekend was a busy and exciting one for us here at DJGMF headquarters!  We worked hard to finalize our mission statement, values, our story of why we feel the need to help and our course of acton in the short and long term.  We will be posting these as individual blog posts so they are easily accessible.  Be sure to check them out to find out exactly what our cause is and what our funds will be going towards.
We also had our first meeting with the awesome web developer, Derek Timmerman!  We all collaborated and came up with some great ideas for the website.  Derek’s friend, Alex, a web designer, has also jumped on board by contributing some of his free time to help out with the website.  We are extremely lucky to have these two guys volunteering their time and services and could not be more grateful.  Thanks guys!  We don’t want to sacrifice quality for time, so please be patient with us while we  work on this important aspect of our organization.  Once the website is up and running it will be the spot to learn about the Douglas J Green Memorial Foundation and all news and events.  We will continue to update you with the big milestones we reach.
Throughout this process we have had the pleasure of talking with some of Doug’s close friends, and today we got some great guidance and ideas for events from Conrad.  We are going to follow up on a bunch of his ideas, but one specifically stood out to us.  If you all don’t know, Doug was a huge movie buff and loved drive up movie theaters.  To keep Doug’s passion for movies alive, Conrad had the idea of a monthly outdoor movie event where members from the community can come together to sit outside on a nice summer evening, grab a bucket of popcorn and catch one of Doug’s favorite flicks.  More details to come so keep an eye out!
This morning we opened the mail to find our Certificate of Incorporation from the Virginia State Corporation Commission!  We were extremely excited and are now able to take the next big step to file Form 1023 with the IRS to start the process to obtain an official non-profit status.  It usually takes a few months to hear back from the IRS, but like we mentioned before, we fully intend on working hard to keep moving forward with our passion.

As the Holiday Season is quickly approaching, there is no better time than now to stuff a stocking for a hero!  We received numerous e-mails suggesting that we have a holiday care package fundraiser and we couldn’t agree more.  We are going to ask volunteers to set up a box at their place of work to be filled with goods that can be shipped to the soldiers for the holidays.  We will provide a flyer that can be posted on the box or mass e-mailed to your co-workers.  We are aiming to start collecting goods Monday, November 14 and continue collecting through Friday, December 9.  On Saturday, December 10 we will hold a packing day at a location in Sterling, Virginia to stuff stockings and put together packages.  We should have this event finalized within the week and will create an event on Facebook to provide everyone who wants to volunteer with specific details.  If you would like to volunteer to set out a box at your work, please e-mail us as soon as possible so we can gather your information.  If you volunteer to set out a box, you do not have to attend the packing day.  Your involvement can be as much or as little as you choose!

We can’t wait to start interacting with everyone in the community and really come together to do some great things!  Thank you so much to everyone that has taken the time out to convey your interest, send suggestions and lend a helping hand.  It means the world to us, but more importantly it will mean the world to our heros.  Don’t forget to check out our next few posts to learn more about us.

Don’t stop believing!

The Green Team

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